Much of the time we do so without any great concern.

Imagine then waking up one morning to find that both your current and deposit accounts have been emptied of all your money by someone you do not know. This was the unpleasant situation facing one of our supporters recently. They used a debit card to pay for petrol. The bank reckoned it was at this point that the card was cloned. The criminals used this cloned card to drain the bank accounts of cash.

The moral of this story is that we all need to be a bit more careful when using debit or credit cards to pay for things. We probably never think of changing our pin number regularly, or changing the security information needed to verify our identity. Yet this basic step can frustrate thieves and save a lot of worry.

Fortunately for our supporter, they got all their money back. There was no salve for the stress and worry that was endured.

Fortunately for you CAMEO-Aid has installed secured systems for taking donations or payments over the phone, by credit/debit card. For your added security all card details supplied by you are destroyed once the transaction is complete. Unlike Amazon and others we do not retain card details, for future use by you. It means that future transactions with CAMEO-Aid may be a bit slower, but they definitely will be a lot safer.

We appreciate your support and appreciate that you wish to give that support in a safe and secure manner. So we have gone that extra mile to make your experience with us stress free and secure.

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See you in the next blog.

Mr Bigman