I started CAMEO-Aid in 2003 and I am amazed at the amount of things that we have done in Africa.  We have tried many things in England in order to raise money, some have been ground breaking and some we have “borrowed” from others.   All in a good cause as they say!

Put simply, CAMEO-Aid is all about educating children in parts of Africa where there are no schools or where the nearest school is too far away.

The communities get in touch and let us know they want to start a school, we ask them for many details and costing’s and if we feel it is a project we should support, then we do.

CAMEO-Aid became a formal registered charity in 2007.  It is run by three Trustees and a small team of dedicated helpers.   In this changing world we need the help of more people to get the message to the general public.

It is not a difficult job bur seems to terrify many.  We do hold seminars which show you how to do it, and we role play, which is always a barrel of fun.  I am usually cast in the role of Mr Grumpy.  I wonder why!

So why do we do it?  A good question indeed and one that I am not sure that I can answer without sounding sanctimonious.  But the short answer is because we care.

Why?  Because children are the most important people in the world; they are the future.  As parents we would ensure that they receive the best education we could give them, if they were our children.  Because they live in rural Africa does not mean out of sight – out of mind.  We need to think about them too.

They have an impact on this world now.  This is the impact of living in poverty and constantly in need of foreign aid.  By educating them we are starting them on the long road out of poverty.  If they complete their education and get a job, they will support their own family as well as contribute to the world’s trade.  If we don’t help them to improve their lot at home can we then turn around and blame them for seeing England as a rich land and try to gain access here but only in a menial position.

Building up their confidence through education encourages them to have better self-respect, to hope fora better future and to seize more opportunities at home rather than face the long road into economic exile.

I believe that showing respect for others means that we have respect for ourselves and our fellow man.

Hopefully in the future blogs I can be a little lighter and regale you with a tale or two.

But for now – Cheers!