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Your Help Urgently Needed


During the last 3 weeks, because of the ongoing civil war, and incursions by rebels and militia, dreadful suffering has been inflicted on the usually peaceful community of Riimenze South Sudan, and the local people on the road between Makpundu and Yambio, have fled either to Yambio or Riimenze.

Together with other refugees, there are over 4000 people camped around the church in Riimenze.  Of these over 1000 are children.  Many more sad and destitute people arrive each day, desperate for shelter and relief from the trauma of the unrest

Solidarity with South Sudan which supports the work of the Bishops Conference in South Sudan, is supplying large amounts of food to the people of the camp, from a farm it has in this area. However, donations are desperately needed to purchase some types of food and other goods along with oil, salt, soap, pots and pans etc to meet the immediate needs and later to help people return to their homes and start to rebuild their lives

The people of Riimenze also need help, as they have to endure deprivation and suffering caused by the large influx of displaced persons and refugees.